“Tumbiiza Sound” is my greatest song – Eezzy !

The Tumbiza sound Hit maker Eric Opoko alias Eezzy says this song is his best amongst all songs. It raised street and internet talks making him a known artist in Uganda.

A few days ago the Ministry of Health asked the Uganda Communications Commission to ban the Tumbiza Sound song because its content and message contradicts the standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) on COVID_19 prevention. 

While appearing on Galaxy FM on the evening Rush Show, Eezzy said that this was his best song. More so the Ministry of Health thinking about banning it was a blessing I’m disguise because its after that that he was asked to make a remix. He says that in that period the demand was so high as people hit the internet in a quest to know about the song.

” This song is the biggest blessing of my life. It’s my best song  because it has put my name among that known artists in Uganda. The Ministry of Health thinking about banning my song also helped me because it raised street and internet talks making people more curious to know about the song and also most people loved it” Eezzy said.

However it should be noted that according to a reliable source, Eezzy later reached a leveled ground with the Uganda Communications Commission officials. Both parties agreed that the singer should produce a remix of the song. In his remix, he was asked to put some content aligned to COVID _19 guidlines as put by the Ministry of Health.

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