Do they pass the Squat Pose test ?

It is the weekend again and that is a reason to celebrate. As per the weekend norm, our Instagram stories, WhatsApp statuses, snap chat roll, tiktok and so many more social media platforms are going to be filled with images of slay queens and kings posing in all sorts of positions. Of all these positions, the squat pose seems to the most imminent. The fact that it might be the signature is one we are yet to establish. The rest have also learnt to make their way to them…somehow! Who doesn’t want to look cool?

But before you go for the squat pose, have those pants passed the squat test? The last thing you want is that “expensive” pair of pants worth the gram get ripped to ruin the party and lifestyle show off. How do you start partying in a lesu? The lesus don’t even count at the Shorts na lesu festival a.k.a ShoNaLe. So before you even start to start thinking about doing the squat pose, there is a bunch of stuff to look at first. That is the squat test.

The squat test is simple. Buy your pants. Wear them. Squat. If they get ripped throw them away. If they don’t, congs! They just passed. These will make their way to the next party and gun the gram down.

But no one likes to do the hard work when we have the soft work option around. Check  that white label within your pants that shows the composition and the directions of wash and wear. In most cases, all material is a fusion of two or more materials. So whatever the prevalent material is, ensure that spandex is one of them and it is about 15-20% minimum.

Spandex is that material that stretches and its normal shape can be altered to get larger so that what is to fit in can ably do it. It is basically elasticine. Explains why a the same  pair of leggings can fit about 4 successive sizes. It expands and contracts. Materials of singular composition are risky. Very risky!

Risking it with pants with little or no spandex infused puts you at risk of ripping those pants and if they survive, they won’t regain their normal shape however much you may fast (just because it is lent). I’ve seen a number of sad stories. Do not qualify yourself for one!

So let’s go out and do the squat pose. All social media timelines await.

Fore-warned is fore-armed.

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Zaake Joshua Sserufusa

( Creative Outlaw & Fashion Writer )

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