Understanding Fashion individualism today.

One of the most used and apparently the most diluted quotes of modern time has something and everything to do with style. Since a great number of icons and idols have said something about it, I will use the one that sounds the coolest(though I don’t remember who said it but do not mistake me for a bad student) “FASHION IS FOR NOW, STYLE IS FOREVER.” And such a brief statement does do a lot to apply, imply and simplify our individuality in fashion.

The notion that style starts with you has never been cut short of its timelessness and seamless applicability. When various pieces of fashion hit the market, they are welcomed different, critics  start doing what they do best and well we gauge whether they can suit our personal style or not. This is exactly what individualism in fashion is! Seeing something come your way and you say that that is for me, that is definately not for me, I could give that a try, insanity would be my other name if I ever got found donning that blah blah blah….all judgements that are proudly sponsored by individuality in fashion.

One man’s meat is another man’s poison stands valid here too. Though occasionally one man’s meat, another man ate it makes as much sense too. I have friends that would never wear cuffs because they feel like this is one of the most ratchet things one would ever do to their own pants but cuffs are naturally part of me and I feel i’ve gotten to identify with them so much they are a style favourite for me(atleast i’d do pants with a turn up). You could do good with skinny pants and someone else wants his baggy or loose fit. You could do off-shoulders and one would mop the streets of downtown than don one.

There are very many times you must have stepped into a clothing store, found a lot of really amazing outfits and understood that about only 6 will suit your personal style simply because of reasons best known to you…though they are always pretty obvious. Daring to chose from the remaining many will leave you with a sense of doubt and guilt because you know that is exactly what you’re style is not. Imagine choosing shorts with toothpick legs. You will just never wear those shorts in comfort simply because that is not your style.

With such an understanding for a background, there a few factors that shape this individuality(read style) and these are;

•Comfort. This kind of person wants to dress to the mostest of their comfort and if the outfit intends to frustrate that, it should be ready to meet its way to the trash can and mercifully-charity. Though comfort is a little relative and as well varies, the most comfortable outfits are going to come light weight, simple material, loose fitting and probably petty. Just look at how cool ladies in maxi dresses are.

•Conservatism scale. Some people have just naturally been groomed in the confines of traditional society that it defines each aspect of their lives and that carries their fashion  sense too. Tradition looks at showing less or no skin at all, less accentuation of body features like hips, breasts and thighs. It seemingly weighs in a lot more on the feminine gender. With a high conservatism scale, one’s style will be a lot more conservative and vice versa.

•Culture. Over time, cultures have been a rich source of style and fashion inspiration. From all the 5 races in the world, we have seen absolutely amazing pieces of fashion being groomed and developed to meet the world desires. From the black race ornaments have come through, a deep appreciation of colourful material, gender difference and a lot more. The caucasoid, mongoloid and all other races have had a lot more to show off. With strong ties to culture/race comes a definate style individualism.

•Functionality. With this mindset, as long as it suits the occasion, it is good to go. These people usually mind elegance and not going out to drop all the jaws in the house. If it is a black tie event, they will go basic and add all the elegance that brings the halo effect to the event won’t be left in the house. Start with what is needed then mind the details. And this interestingly cuts across all the genres of dress for someone of this kind. The idea is simple, “we did not come here to be noticed, we came to be remembered”. That is want functionality defining style is.

•Self-expression. Please raise your glasses as we give self-expression a standing ovation. For the greatest defining factor of fashion individualism of all time has gently made its way to the top and so all must bow before it. All the greatest(living and dead) fashion desgners of all time starting from Tom Ford, Alexander McQueen, Ralph Lauren to Anita Beryl, Abbas Kaijuka and so many more have had to put this factor first before they could create a dent in the universe and it has gotten their names the stars they have earned today. Don’t you ever look at Kanye West and ask yourself how someone could be so elegant in something trashy? If you listen to people’s stories about what their tattooes mean to them, doesn’t it leave you wondering? Do you ever see someone dress totally different from their way of life? These and a lot more come up in my mind when I see one dressed that way. They do what they have got to do but do not let that define how they should dress. They still gotta express themselves with ease regardless of what they do or whom they are with.

Individualism in fashion starts with you and how best you can express yourself when you dress up any day. That aspect is what is going to give the edge to the outfits you are going to choose to dress. It is that aspect that is going to make or shape your wardrobe and how the world views you(in your clothes of course).

To me, that is what individualism in fashion is. Self-expression!

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Zaake Joshua Sserufusa

( Creative Outlaw & Fashion Writer )

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