Is it time up for the conventional White wedding gown ?

Over time, the weekends have somehow been gazetted for functions. The reason is quite clear anyway. But I am not here for that. I am here to talk about a weekend that is probably going to change the wedding game forever…or be one of those that come, bring a little awe and go down in history as flops.

During the week, the internet was broken and shaken by photos of a lady from Nigeria that chose to ditch the conventionnal white wedding gown for an Ankara themed wedding gown. Yes, you read that right. It was an Ankara themed wedding gown!

It definately raised a lot of eye brows and probably dropped a few eye lashes that could not resist the creativity and boldness. This was one big bold move to change the way we have been viewing weddings. She looked great in her Ankara gown and strutting down the aisle with her groom that was clad in a maroon suit. She just seemed to be living the African dream. She was simply the ideal African Queen.

It does not come by surprise that she is Nigerian. For they have come to be the biggest movers and shakers of the African fashion industry. They style different and have had their culture fused into a bunch of other people’s cultures. The same favour has been reciprocated by other cultures that have overwhelmingly taken on their apparel as inspiration.

in such a digital where things move so fast, I am certain a number of ladies and a number of designers are going to pick inspiration and we may be at the beginning stage of a wave. A conventional wedding dress overhaul. It had seemed like one of the untouchable areas of wear that could only be improved and not be affected or changed in any way. A double-digit  number taking it on and I promise it is going to stick.

I send my credit and respect to this bold African lady. It is high time Africa Africanized what it has got to Africanize! Is it time up for the traditional wedding dress?

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Zaake Joshua Sserufusa

( Creative Outlaw & Fashion Writer )

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