Let’s talk Buttons …….!

In his song whose title I have forgotten, the ultra music legend Mowzey Radio throws an interesting line of how he will be the button on the lady’s coat. You listen to something like that and go like “Wait. Whaaat!” That was just an impressive line over there. But this is not just about the line blowing someone off their feet. This is about the insane attention paid to detail.

For starters, a button is not just a shaped up piece of metal, plastic or horn used to join two sides of a cloth anymore. It is an accentuating detail of what we wear. Whoever told you to pay attention to details definately had bits like the buttons at the back of his mind. They come pretty small you would ignore them if you did not want to place appreciation where it needs to be.

The dress shirt worn in a tuxedo (we can have a moment of silence) has black buttons. This is just to bring an awe factor, pomp and glamour to the simple yet elegant tuxedo. Tuxedos are never overdone. They are actually so basic its a pair of pants and a jacket that the only way you can make them stand out is the energy and attention you are putting in the details…and the buttons is exactly where you start from. Imagine the buttons coming in white too. Risky!

Buttons have this tendency of turning a cloth around. Actually as a style hack, some people change the buttons of their shirts, blouses and dresses often simply to give them a different look each time. Take a yellow dress. It quickly switches from casual to formal when you change its buttons from turquoise to black. Ta-da! I personally do this an awful lot. My buttons soon become boring and I got to change them and it gets a few people thinking that I just got another shirt.

So interesting they come in different hues like monotone, duo-tone and the multi tone. You choose what actually fits you best. You will have moments you will totally ignore a shirt because of the colour of its buttons. Just get it and change them!

The party don’t stop cause they equally come in different shapes so can have your tastes and preferences being met as you play around with what is going to be the deal breaker for you. Take oval, circular, rectangular, square…they just simply come in all shapes and sizes.

With a diminishing use of the traditional belt, people are finding ways to deduce it to clutter in our daily wear. Yes. I don’t want to say that again. Beyond functionality, the buckles of belts are meant to add a little spice to the look. Putting it out means putting emphasis on how good the button of you pants looks.

Just pay attention to your buttons!

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Zaake Joshua Sserufusa

( Creative Outlaw & Fashion Writer )

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