#McM: Eddie Pages – I taught myself everything about Photography!

Eddie Ntege, also known as Eddie Pages is a renown Twitter Influencer, photographer and digital marketer. He spoke to YOLO Magazine’s Liberty Israel Omwony about his hustle. Grab a sit & enjoy !

Who is Eddie Ntege?

I’m a certified hustler (laughs), 23 years old, single and not hooking up with anyone. I do couple of things to earn a living. My main hustle is photography. I also do digital marketing. And yeah I love my job. I am the most understanding calm and patient person I know on this earth. I don’t judge people. I treasure friends, and I believe am a great person to be around.

Being a photographer did you have to study photography to join the business?

No, you don’t need to study photography to become a photographer. Personally I have never attended any classes. Photography is about passion, actually if you have passion for something, you can learn it and perfect it. I taught myself everything about photography using YouTube tutorials. One thing photography needs one to do research day in day out.

So it’s passion. And we know passion can’t be fulfilled without addition of knowledge. What has helped you grow in this business?

Let’s say I was meant for this (laughs). Of course you require some knowledge. Yeah, after watching YouTube tutorials, I starting hooking up with some of the best photographers around town. Yes they also helped me to learn a few important things about the art.

What challenges come along the journey to being a successful photographer?

The industry of photography requires brotherhood. You can’thave all the equipment you need to get that awesome shoot. So you are forced to get some of these equipment. And most people who have these things you may need are not easy to work with. And you must be willing to do some free shoots once in a while. And you get stepped on by these successful photographers, they tend to manipulate and take advantage of the labor and help you offer without paying. But you need to get used to all these and focus on where you want to be. In the end you learn something from them.

Oh quite a hustle. I see you’re an influencer on twitter, what do you say about UOT and promotingeducational and developmental content on twitter?

It will be useful to some extent, good thing people using twitter love reading because you can’t be on that app if you hate reading. So promoting educational and developmental content will help most of us to expand our knowledge of things which will be shared. Let’s say like banking, and many things one might be interested in knowing.

Twitter is very informative and is a potential vehiclefor spreading propaganda. Do you think UOT is using twitter the right way currently?

Twitter has two types of people. Those who don’t use it the right way, always abusing others and burning bridges. Then us who use it the right way. Connecting with people and getting opportunities.

Speaking of connecting with people, are you still dating anyone you met on twitter? 

I’m single for now till further notice.

So does this mean you ignore those that shoot their shoots?

I make them my friends.

What was your biggest gig ever in photography and twitter influencing?

Oh, this is kind of a difficult one. I have done lots of gigs, some I do not even remember. They have all paid good money. But I will say influencing for Jumia Ug.

As a photographer, what is your dream project?

I want to do a documentary about Northern Uganda. That’s my dream project because I feel there is much more about people from the north that they don’t share with us. I love how they live their lives. I want to tell a detailed story about their lives.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I am an indoor person, I spend most of my spare time editing pictures, learning more about photography, watching television and on very rare occasions I go out and chill with my boys.

If you are to date, what kind of lady would you go for?

I want a smart lady (upstairs). Someone hardworking, one who can advise and guide me. Someone who can be patient with me and of course she must be beautiful. 

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Yes I do! Have you ever met someone for the first time and your heart skips a beat? (Laughs). Then all of a sudden you two connect in a way you never thought. That’s love at the first sight. I am telling you about love at first sight. (Laughs again).

How would someone get your special attention?

You just have to be you. I like people who are themselves and dislike pretenders. Be yourself, and you will have my full attention.

What would you say to young people outside there based on your experience on life?

Always be humble and respect everyone, you never know who the channel to your success is. Someone you despise, might be the right person you need to get to the top. Working hard and not giving up should be your number one priority. I have been helped by people I am not even related to because I am humble and trustworthy. Above all, put God first in everything.

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