#McM: Kezi Leo – The rising Afro Pop & Urban Music Star.

Who is Kezi Leo ? 

My real name is Katwere Leo.  Iam a Ugandan artist who does Afro Pop and Urban music. 

What inspired the name Kezi Leo ? 

Leo is my birth name. I originally called my self Kezzi since high-school so that inspired the name Kezi. When I combined it, I got Kezi Leo.

When did you pick up Singing ?

I started singing  and composition as a hobby in my Primary 5. However as a career, I kicked off in 2016.

For the past 5 years of your music career, how many projects have your Released ?

I have released 2 projects. The first was titled “Ride 4 U”. It was an 11 track mixtape. The next one is Zaddy,  an EP, released last year on 18th December. 

So all together how many songs are they ?

I have about 15 songs or more. But then, i recently rebranded from Leo Kyz to Kezi Leo. So, as Kezi Leo, I only got 4 songs out.

Are you still in School ? 

Yes iam and I am currently in my final year at Makerere University doing a Bachelors degree in Software Engineering.

Woow, how has it been Juggling school and Music ?

It’s been a wrap. It’s been crazy. You always find yourself needing to sacrifice one so as to get the other moving. But it’s been beautiful too. I have gotten exposed to different worlds with alot to offer and am grateful for that. After school, I hope to push the music more. 

What have been your biggest challenges is music ?

Music Promotion and shooting videos.

How have you maneuvered then, Don’t you have management ?

I just recently got signed to Stretch Hold  Music Group  Kenya and hopefully we are going to shoot some visuals this year.

How where you spotted by a Kenyan management team yet you are Ugandan ?

God !!  I guess I did a song titled Patricia, named after Nyaga one of the realest people I have met. She pushed the song in Kenya and that is how I was spotted by Deezy the CEO. The rest was history.

Who inspires you most amongst Ugandan musicians ?

The late Mwozey Radio. RIP

Which  Ugandan artists would you love to collaborate with if given chance & why ? 

Vinka, Daddy Andree & Winnie Nwagi. The reason is Vinka is my favorite ugandan female artist, Daddy Andree  has really strived to push urban music in uganda and Nwagi is really talented.

Do you write your songs / Music ?

Yes please I do write my music.

 What does it take to write a song & Where do you draw the inspiration ?

I usually write about my experiences. Sometimes, i come up with story lines in my mind and write music to then. 

How do you guard your voice from getting hoarse ?

I don’t really guard it, I just drink warm water, do a few drills and yes I am good with my voice. 

Much of your music is love music.  How’s the lucky lady you are dating ?

Haha!! I do not wish to share my relationship status with the public yet. 

Any challenges with being a rising artist in the business? For yourself.

Yes, You need money for everything.

What mistakes do you think many young artistes are making today ?

I think, we young artists aint making alot of mistakes. The industry is just so rigged at the moment its hard for true creatives like me and zagang to be appreciated. So, much bubble gum music everywhere and people do not wish to buy music. There is so much money in this industry but artists get peanuts . So to all the young artists, yes, do the music, but ensure to learn the business side of it too.

Any last words for your fans ?

I love yall. keep streaming my music. Keep supporting.  

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