The Idea of Collections.

You clearly serve no purpose if you step into a creatives’ based industry and want to  totally follow what you have found. The industry favors the creatives; people that want to assure you that purple is equally a primary color. Because of such, the idea of collections comes so fluid.

As a one thing that applies more to the designers than anyone else, if you want to stand out in an industry filled with a lot of basic work, you may need to do a collection. They are not a trend, they are a norm of the industry. If you must survive, if you must be remembered, you need to create and show case a collection.

Thanks to vast individuality in fashion, changing environs and a plethora of inspirations, fashion designers’ way to our hearts and closets(where the intend to go) jas become one of the easiest things. From day immemorial, designers have been doing winter collections, summer collections, wedding collections, office wear collections and so much more. And since all designers start out by seeing that a particular group of people’s interests are not being met (sometimes this group is only them), they get into the industry, design a bunch of stuff and  have these people identify with themselves.

The beauty of collections is that a lot of beautiful work based on a particular theme is going to be put out at a go and that is only a marketing technique and inclusion of the target market. You can’t view a whole collection and fail to get the appeal of either. How solid are you? To shoot over 10 birds with one stone is the goal and it has never failed to work. It has shot more even. This is how new names have made their ways to our tables and the household names kept their places too.

Each year, each month, each moment we are graced with the launch of a new collection and its targeting a particular market. This is a segment of the market where you struggle to appeal to one’s individuality. And since you are not one copy of your individuality, it is not by surprise that these collections we dub wierd make their way to our streets and people are moving boldly. I honestly ask still myself why someone would wear some pieces anyway?

In an industry/economy that does not depend on itself alone, collections by designers have made a difference that should not be over looked. Creating a huge demand for other services is something that would make me an unfair person if I said nothing about it. From renting out huge spaces to creative directors to professional photography services to a whole lot more, collections are minting big money for all businesses they work with. Imagine 20 premium photos for 50 models(each), week long exhibitions?. Is a multi-million industry not being created???

I give a standing ovation to the idea of collections. I laud the icons and fore-designers  that brought about them. For they shaped the pillars of the industry. For they created tables that will never be overturned. For they created a mark never to fade.

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Zaake Joshua Sserufusa

( Creative Outlaw & Fashion Writer )

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