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TRAGEDY: UPDF Chopper crashes in Somalia.

UPDF helicopter crashes in Somalia while on a mission under the AMISOM.

“A helicopter on a mission to support AMISOM troops crashed soon after take-off in Balidogle in the Lower Shabelle region of Somalia on Friday. All four soldiers aboard the helicopter were rescued and are in a stable medical condition,” said AMISOM in a statement on Sunday.

According to AMISOM, the chopper that crashed on Friday was one of the belongings of the UPDF aviation unit that was taken to Somalia in July for the first time in eight years.

Preliminary results for crashing of the UPDF Chopper show that it was due to mechanical failure but investigations have commenced.

In 2012, the first attempt ended disastrously when three out of four choppers crashed in Kenya on their way to Mogadishu. hence up to now Uganda is yet to receive compensation from UN as negotiations.

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UPDF helicopter crashes in Somalia under AMISOM

In his speech during the send off of the aviation unit, Defense Forces Chief, Gen. David Muhoozi said this was meant to increase their firepower against the Al Shabaab militants.

“The presence of airpower will offer us extensive asymmetric advantages over the unconventional and `dispersed enemy in Somalia. With air assets, we will be able to respond quickly with precision fires or inject a quick reaction force once the enemy assembles,” said Gen. David Muhoozi.

He added that the presence of the air assets will not only guarantee dominance of the UPDF over their enemy but also provide a great advantage on Technical intelligence and other benefits.

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“Once eventually fully injected on the operation theatre with all the assets, we are confident that you will provide the ground forces with the necessary firepower that was missing to subdue the enemy. Airpower is also an important intelligence capability, enhancing surveillance and reconnaissance that we have been operating without for over a decade.”

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