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We shall defeat all perpetrators and those instigating violence – Deputy IGP, Paul Lokech.

Deputy Inspector General of Police, Maj. Gen. Paul Lokech has cautioned all those intending to cause chaos in Uganda that they will accordingly face the wrath of the law.

Recently social media has been overflowed with photos, videos, audio and posts of individuals threatening to cause disorder between 3  and 7 February 2021 tagging it the shutdown of the country.

While Speaking to presses on Monday, Maj Gen. Paul Lokech warned that security is aware of all those and they will not leave perpetrators unpunished.

We are aware of individuals and groups of promoting panic and fear through social media using videos and audio messages. We are not taking some of these messages lightly. We have a very robust force ready to deal with any situation,” said Paul Lokech on Monday.

Through social media, numerous people have been advised to stay home between February 3 and 7, 2021 and also stock enough food to arrange for the uncertainties.

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Maj. Gen. Paul Lokech

Notably, Maj. Gen Lokech revealed that investigations have given a glimpse of where such messages are originating from. The culprits are already on record.

“Some of these people are outside Uganda and we are soon getting in touch with the host through our diplomatic channels to see what to do with them but those here in Uganda are being tracked down. However, those people who think they can bring anarchy to this country should know they are making a big mistake they will live to regret,” held Maj. Gen. Lokech.

“These are not threats but a warning to those who want to cause chaos here. No country is immune to lawlessness but we are prepared for this challenge. Our security forces are resilient and remain deployed.

However, Maj Gen. Lokech’s statements complement the President elect’s speech in January, 2021 during the 35th NRA celebrations where he cautioned that government will not accept any form of violence in Uganda.

“The only thing we cannot tolerate is violence. I ask all Ugandans to forget about violence. Don’t dream about it because it will not work. Forget about threats. They will not work and you are creating blood pressure for yourself for nothing,” addressed President Museveni at State House Entebbe.


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