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Every person’s dream is to reach a time in their careers where they can see light at the end of the tunnel, a time where the works they invest in on a daily are appreciated and get out there in peoples eyes, faces and ears. An-Known Prosper, a rising RnB artiste who launched his music career 2 years back is exactly at this point in his career with his latest song Radio call. 9 being favorite to a number of tik-tok video challengers, receiving a good play on the airwaves aswell as being on replay on many music lovers playlists. YOLO Magazine‘s Pato rounded him off for a quick chit chat just for you guys, Enjooooooooooooyyyyyyyyy …………….

Who is An-known Prosper ?

An-known Prosper is a focused young man with big dreams. Iam a versatile artist who does many music genres with special interest in RnB music.

What inspired the name An-known Prosper ?

An-known comes from the word Unknown. I’ve come from far and passed through a lot to get where iam now but all that is unknown by anyone else. Iam working towards prosperity and that’s where the name Prosper comes from. Iam An-known prosper so if I ever prosper tomorrow my prosperity will be known by everyone then that’s why  I chose to keep my real names , years and some of my personal life hidden just to make it look like An-known is unknown . I prefer keeping 50% of my personal life hidden and letting out more about an-known as a musician.

How did you end up becoming an artiste ?

It was way back when life became soo hard, I had to drop out of my school for some reasons. I thought of something I could do but whenever I could sing for people, they could appreciate my voice that’s how I realized I had the talent and ended up an artist. I also must say it was a call.

Talking about music, when did you kickstart your career and how many projects do you have now ?

Well I started officially in 2019. My first recorded song is called Doctor. So far I have 3 songs Doctor, Tonerabira and the new single called RADIO CALL.

All the music you got is love music, so you only sing about love ?

I not only sing about love. I sing about life generally and love is simply part of life.

Radio call. 9 is undoubtedly your best song making more rounds than the rest, What’s different with radio call song ?

Well about radio call, maybe many people were walking in the same lane of the message it portrayed so it caught a lot of attention than the rest. Each song I write has a story behind and that applies to radio call to. For me, real life songs carry way much meaning than just hitting the studio to make a song for fun. I do music basing on how other people go through some situations in life.

Assure your fans what’s next after radio call ? Will you survive the one hit wonder syndrome ?

I can’t really promise anything since am not in the driving position but God. Let’s say am just going to do my best not to fail my fans , my friends and most importantly my family. We don’t wake up and go to the studio and say am going to make a hit to so radio call may be my hit but never know my next song maybe an international hit.

Who writes your music & which is your best amongst your songs ?

I do write my own music . In my songs I love Tonerabira because of the great lines I wrote in there. However all my songs are my best songs because they represent me fully and I can’t choose half of me to be my best.

Where do you draw inspiration as you write the music ?

I give an ear to very many people who have different problems mostly among my friends, the different stories I get to hear motivate me to write different stories which later transform into songs.

What challenges have you faced as a rising artist ?

Well challenges are quite many and one of them is being undermined by the so called pioneers in our music industry, young people out there have great talent but they undermined.

Are you signed to any record label? Who do you work with ?

Well am currently working with a record label named FC records (Fabs Cala Records ).

Who is your best Ugandan Artist and which ones would u love to collaborate with?

Ykee Benda is my best Ugandan artist. About collaborating, I would work with anyone that lies in my lane.

What else do you do besides Music ?

When am not in music am doing music. Apart from music my other thing is music. In that I mean music is all I have to get my bills paid.

Do you portray and give the love you sing about in your Music to your girlfriend?

Yes I do give the love to everyone that I meet in life, however about my girlfriend I request that remains personal for now.

Understand rising into a star comes with a lot, among which are stalkers that require your attention and love you sing about , how have you handled them?

Stalkers come from within the fans and fans build us as artistes so I talk and take stalkers as fans but nothing more than that. I simply handle them the way they come.

Lastly, Where do your fans find you & your music online ?

My YouTube channel is An-known and Iam anknown on all other social media platforms.


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